BRFSS, FASTATS, Health United States, and more. As you can tell, there are differences in numbers between males, females and even countries. Thats a lot of money to invest in professional help. 4. Just to show you how widespread public speaking fears are, here are 48 fear of public speaking statistics you should know about! Mt s ngi mc . The lifetime prevalence of specific phobias across the world is between 3%15%. That fear is sometimes rational, but in some situations, we can experience a deep sense of panic. Now, in the age of digital communication, we are forced to adapt to unprecedented changes and challenges that come along with the shift to remote work and learning. Specific phobias are particularly harmful because of their early onset. They actually feel the positive energy when in front of a big crowd. Other aspects that suffer due to anxiety, including fear of public speaking, are relationships (56%), appetite (32%), and the overall quality of life (29%). Acrophobia, or the fear of heights, affects 1 in 20 individuals. According to statistics percent of people who suffer from speech anxiety is 74%. Some of them include dedicating 70% of ones time to structuring the presentation script and adding stats and facts to increase audience retention. Speech anxiety, also named as glossophobia, is the fear of speaking in public, which most people have experienced at some point in their lifetimes. Fortunately, psychotherapy and medications can be very helpful in treating this disorder, which is why many people with phobias are turning to reputable online therapy sites for assistance with these issues. Thats why its vital to understand these four and learn how to adapt to the situation in different scenarios. The dentists are constantly trying to find new ways to calm the people who are having issues with dental fear. People who suffer from it may be afraid of many types of animals, or all of them at once. It refers to the fear or apprehension of speaking in public or of speaking on a general level. The fear involves acting in a way that will be embarrassing or humiliating (including showing symptoms of anxiety). Nearly two-thirds (61%) of respondents claimed that anxiety affects their sleep and 47% said they slept less when anxious. Atychiphobia is defined as an abnormal and unreasonable fear of failure. Moreover, according to fear statistics, as a result of fear, 22% of them stay in a job they hate, and 15% walk away from new relationships. According to world health organization glossophobia is diagnosed with following features: If you struggle with speaking in social situations or your button-lipped tendencies are making it difficult to get ahead at work, youre in luck. Glossophobia is a very common phobia characterized by a strong fear of public speaking. The fear of fears. On the contrary, they can be very distressing. Specific phobias affected 19 million US adults in 2020. If you usually find yourself presenting information to your colleagues or clients, you have undoubtedly, Do you need awesome presentation templates for your next business meeting, pitch deck, or training, Graduation cap with diploma over the table. And unfortunately, the more we worry about speaking in front of others, the more difficult it can become. In the same poll mentioned above, 43% of white people felt jittery about public speaking. According to Albert Mehrabian, a good presentation is 55% non-verbal communication, 38% voice, and 7% content. hough extreme fear may be influenced by genes, there is no evidence that phobias are inherited. Roblox, the Roblox logo and Powering Imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. Public speaking fear stats for the USA Male: 6% Female: 8% Total: 7%, 4- Public speaking fear has 10% impairment on wages, 5- Public speaking fear has 10% impairment on college graduation, 6- Public speaking fear has a 15% impairment on promotion to management. Moreover, there is a similar phobia called arachnophobia. Below you can find some interesting statistics related to different types of phobias. Statistics indicate that up to 75% of individuals. Natural Thunder and Lightning - 4% 10. Being able to blend in a group (as in a choir or band) can also alleviate some anxiety caused by glossophobia. This is a weirdly interesting game! Cyber-terrorism 51% 9. According to the results, the prevalence rates of specific phobias were higher in women than in men. Phobias may seem irrational, but they are very real. Statistics emphasize that glossophobia has the highest rate of occurrence among phobias. Top 10 Phobias 1. Does education affect glossophobia rates?The more educated you are, the more comfortable you may be with speaking in front of others. Namely, 53% of women with anxieties have depression compared to 43% of men. Social phobia was associated with female gender, low educational attainment, psychiatric medication use, and . 90% of the glossophobia is caused by public speaking is triggered by poor preparation and lack of awareness about methods to manage it. And a 10% impairment on your graduation rate from college( you have 10% less chance of graduating college) and a15% impairment on your ability to obtain amanagerial and leadership positionsat your company(you have 15% less chance of getting into a professional or managerial position). 5. In most cases, the symptoms of specific phobias are mild or moderate. Based on the interview data from the NCS-A survey, the stats on phobias revealed that 2.4% of adolescents aged 1318 in the US had agoraphobia at some point in their lives. On the contrary, they can be very distressing. Some common symptoms include sweating, accelerated heart rate, trembling, shaking, dizziness, and nausea. You can get 2 different endings.And it's just.. weird!Glossophobia Game Description from Roblox:It's your first perform. . It is a type of social phobia, which is an extreme fear related to social settings or the fear of being watched or judged by others. Research suggests that phobias can run in families. Both of which can be experienced by glossophobia sufferers. However, all information is presented without warranty. Page last reviewed: February 9, 2021. Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved. Moreover, there is a similar phobia called arachnophobia. The more confident and prepared a person is before a public-speaking event, the lower the risk of experiencing unpleasant symptoms. Fear of Public Speaking Statistics by Demographics. Not to brag, but now and despite all odds, I am a national speaker and author now, and I run the most advanced public speaking training company in the Silicon Valley tailoring training for smart professionals and executives just like you. It can cause individuals to avoid settings where they are the center of attention or have to speak in front of a group, such as meetings or presentations. 12. Darkness and Twilight 12% 5. Glossophobia is a social phobia, or social anxiety disorder. Death is something we all must face sooner or later. Public speaking was the most common social fear. Its important to know the facts and separate from all the fiction so that you can start healing and improving right away. This is because the human species has evolved to be hyper-sensitive to gaze to survive. Symptoms of glossophobia range from knots in the stomach, sweaty palms, dry mouth, shaky legs and tightness in the throat. 15. Data shows that it has a 15% negative effect on getting promoted at work, 10% on wages, as well as a 15% impact on college graduation. A study conducted by SingleCare shows worrisome data on the effects anxiety, like the one from public speaking, has on ones life. The fear of speaking publicly has a negative impact on wages, job promotions, and college graduation. Between 5% and 10% of the global population have a specific phobia. Individuals with glossophobia may avoid speaking in public, as they typically experience fear and anxiety when speaking in front of a group of people. Glossophobia - Fear of Public Speaking @alaamoustafa GLOSSOPHOBIA By: Alaa Moustafa @alaamoustafa ; @alaamoustafa GLOSSOPHOBIA The word come from the Greek root "glossa" (which means 'tongue') and the root "phobia" (which means 'fear') FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING ; @alaamoustafa REMEMBER .. the days of giving presentations in front of your class?Or maybe you have to give them for work. Open the Orai app on the web or your phone to practice before your presentations, speeches, or interviews. By comparison, 52% of respondents who admitted having this issue had only a high school education or less. However, it does not substitutes a physician, hospital or medical care facility. This is approximately a third of the total money spent on treating any mental health issue annually. In general, many believe that social phobias are incredibly common. People and Social Situations - 10% 7. Yet, affected people rarely seek professional help. An estimated 5.3 million Americans suffer from a social phobia, with 74% suffering from speech anxiety. Glossophobia is the medical term for the strong fear of public speaking. Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition? That means over 200 million people feel nervous about talking to others. I did and still do many things to keep growing and improving my public speaking confidence and ability (and my social confidence). But why are so many of us afraid of public speaking? Single most common phobia. All rights reserved. The dread of public speaking is the biggest fear for Americans. 6. This leads to a heightened fear of public speaking. Some individuals may feel a slight nervousness at the very thought of public speaking, while others experience full-on panic and fear. Take a look at the section below for more information. [embedyt][/embedyt], 2- 6% of male Americans have speaking anxiety, 3- 8% of female Americans have speaking anxiety. Pollution of oceans, rivers and lakes 50.8% 10. Cholesterol. According to Colin Clifford, a psychologist at the University of Sydneys Vision Center, a direct gaze can signal dominance or a threat. At what age does social anxiety disorder typically develop?Social anxiety disorder usually starts in the early years. If youre a little nervous about giving a presentation or speech, this will be a lifesaver. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of US residents suffer with this symptom before speaking in public. Moreover, only 1.3% of the adults have experienced agoraphobia in their lives. An Australian study examined 46 musicians breathing deeply 30 minutes before they went on stage. The fear leads to marked distress during exposure to the social situation, or may lead to avoidance of that situation. Glossophobia: An irrational fear of public speaking that is difficult or impossible for the sufferer to control. Lets dig a little deeper. Key Fear Of Public Speaking Statistics. The top 10 listing of phobias is located below. You do not have to let your fear of public speaking rule your life. They find their mouth dries up, their voice is weak and their body starts shaking. 8. Formally, the term meaning the fear of public speaking is called glossophobia and is commonly found with people who have social anxiety. One survey found that 44% of women said they were afraid of public speaking while 37% of men agreed. Women and men are equally affected. But you're not alone. Most cases of cynophobia develop during childhood. This fear is more significant than the fear of spiders and death (19% fear of public speaking, 16% fear of death, and 13% fear of spiders). Give acupuncture a shotAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice. Phobias are very common and there are many people dealing with this disorder across the world. Only 8% of those who have public speaking fear seek professional help despite a proven negative impact on career and wages. If you suffer from a fear of public speaking, remember that youre not alone. This response prepares you to face an intense situation. Thousands of other people also suffer from this same fear. 16. Weve assembled a list of tips to help loosen your tongue that are backed by scientific evidence. The 2019. for the US claim that 31% of the population was somewhat afraid of death. One survey found that 44% of women reported they were afraid of public speaking while 37% of men agreed. Natural Thunder and Lightning 4% 10. According to Alison Papadakis, director of clinical psychological studies at John Hopkins University, video chat creates friction in social situations. People with serious ophidiophobia experience a very intense fear even if someone mentions snakes. Speech Anxiety. Here's how it affects Americans. 1. These criteria are very useful to determine the presence or absence of the alteration, as well as to differentiate it from other anxious disorders. They scored better overall in terms of length, quality, and performance. Please always ask your doctor for personalized diagnosis, evaluation, assessment, treatment and care management plan. According to the. In fact, many people with glossophobia are able to dance or sing onstage, provided they do not have to talk. It is also considered to be a social anxiety disorder where individuals suffer from performance anxiety. Those are. Around 12.1% of U.S. adults experience social anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. The following infographic outlines statistics of those who suffer from the fear of public speaking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Although extreme fear may be influenced by genes, there is no evidence that phobias are inherited. Specific phobias usually begin during childhood. One of the fun facts about phobias reveals that the fictional adventurer Indiana Jones also suffers from this disorder. If your doctor prescribes a medication, try it before your speaking engagement to see how it affects you. The underlying fear is judgment or negative evaluation by others. Although most of them adore attractive women, some may experience a panic attack if they see, let alone talk to a beautiful woman. People with glossophobia are often afraid of being judged or evaluated negatively by an audience, being embarrassed, or being humiliated, and these feelings can be so intense that they may even suffer from panic/anxiety attacks. For a person to experience less fear associated with public speaking, its pivotal to address the important aspects and maximize satisfaction. The fear of change is a specific phobia that can reduce the will to live. There are a lot of misunderstandings about phobias. Glossophobia influences social and professional areas of life and can prevent normal functioning if not addressed properly. In general, there are three types of phobia: social phobias, agoraphobia, and specific (or simple) phobias. Suddenly, you are aware of all the eyes that are watching you and break out in a nervous sweat. This fear encompasses the fear of embarrassment, fear of saying something foolish, fear of being critiqued or ridiculed, and fear of sounding unintelligent, among others while speaking in public. The available phobia facts reveal that not all phobias are the same. Labeling your fear of public speaking as a social anxiety disorder does not make it a bigger deal than it is. Medical information provided on this website scrutinized to assure accuracy. Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, affects millions. If you or someone you know is suffering from a phobia, you should know there are a lot of helpful treatments to lessen the symptoms. That means more than 200 million people feel nervous about talking to others. According to Forbes statistics on fear of public speaking, about 10% of the population are people who enjoy speaking publicly and experience no unpleasant symptoms whatsoever. (2000) found that 89.4% of patients with social anxiety disorder had a fear of public speaking. However, public speaking anxiety still remains prevalent, if not only gotten worse. De-stress before the speech. *See the card issuer's online application for details about terms and conditions. With glossophobia, there is a constant fear of speech seizures, fear of being ridiculed by others, a painful fixation on a speech defect, which is why patients avoid communication situations. Psychologists recognize more than 400 phobias. Glossophobia can be treated using a combination of psychotherapies and medicines. Nomophobia fear that you dont have your cell phone with you, Arachibutyrophobia fear that peanut butter may stick to the roof of your mouth, Psychologists recognize more than 400 phobias. But only 36.9% of them seek treatment. Some ways to achieve engagement include asking questions, making suggestions, showing slides and images, using humor, etc. Glossophobia is another term for speech anxiety. Some believe that both nature and nurture can contribute to developing a phobia. Nearly 8.7% of the US population had specific phobias in 2020. However, the most common ones are the following. Between 2001 and 2011, the World Health Organization surveyed people in 22 countries. Death is something we all must face sooner or later. 7. Those in the middle (the remaining 80%) are individuals who may get anxious, feel butterflies, or dont sleep the night before the public speaking. The term Glossophobia is derived from the Greek word glossa, which means tongue and phobos, meaning fear or dread. 1. The good news is that as a soft skill, public speaking is taught and glossophobia can be treated by making appropriate changes in lifestyle. According to a publication by Columbia University, social phobia has a dampening effect on several aspects of career and life. Their use or mentioning on this website is only for informational purposes. This may be closely linked to the fact that women tend to struggle with anxiety disorders at almost twice the rate noted in men. The medical term referring to the fear of public speaking is called glossophobia. The following statistics provide a in depth perspective to the current state of public speaking phobias. Speaking in front of others seems less of a challenge for men than for women. 14. This condition has the potential to significantly affect your personal and professional relationships. They represent an irrational and excessive fear of a specific situation, person, object, animal, or activity. If you have this fear like most of us, I highly recommend reading the post till the end. After teaching and translating German and English for ten years, Emilija decided to dedicate herself to her new passionwriting. According to SalesCrunch research published before the company website was shut down, when presenters do all the talking without engaging the audience, their engagement rate drops by 14%. Those who did report feeling less tense and anxious during their performance. Specific phobias have a high prevalence. from the same study show that 18% claimed they dont have social anxiety, yet still met the criteria for this disorder. In a child, it may present as the child desperately hoping she doesnt get called on in class to answer a question. How to use glossophobia in a sentence. According to a survey done in Canada, one-third of the respondents said that they deal with high levels of anxiety prior to speaking to crowds. Rebecca Lake is a journalist at CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison and reviews website. Nearly 40% of the general population experiences fear of flying at some point in their lives. What is glossophobia? According to a survey taken by 18,000 people worldwide, 61% of the respondents said they are suffering from dental fear, based on the statistics on fears. 10. However, one can develop phobophobia even if they never had an actual phobia before. As a consequence of the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001, many Americans have greater concerns related to terrorism. Fear of public speaking affects millions of people, and there are lots of statistics that show its effects. Luckily for those suffering from fear of public speaking, most people, or 48.1%, deal with a mild impairment. While its perfectly normal to feel nervous before giving a presentation, for some people, the fear can be so severe that it interferes with their ability to do their job or participate in other activities. Additionally, we will also share some highly effective tools to get rid of glossophobia. The underlying fear is judgment or negative evaluation by others. 19. 17. According to the glossophobia facts, their voice becomes weak, their mouth dries, and their body starts shaking. 1 Of course, many people are able to manage and control the fear. You can do a set of 5 slow breaths to calm down quickly . This condition has the potential to significantly affect your personal and professional relationships. Many people find that attending a Toastmasters club can help them to build their confidence and improve their public speaking skills. Public speaking fear rates differ among races. Individuals who suffer from it shy away from speaking in public, even in front of only a couple of people. 311 Speech Therapy Business Names that Surely Work, 22 Fear of Failure Statistics To Change The Way You Think, Your email address will not be published. In this article, I discuss the answers to these and 48 shocking fear of public speaking statistics in 2020. When I dug into the numbers, I found that there are variations between individual states in the USA and I only chose to present the overall average. It's a common phenomenon that millions of people struggle with. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects about 40%* of the population. Whats more, the. On the other hand, based on the. Furthermore, only 8% of those who have fear of public speaking seek professional help despite the documented negative impact on their career and wages. Fear of public speaking statistics and facts on speech anxiety or so-called glossophobia. A persistent fear of one or more social or performance situations in which the person is exposed to unfamiliar people or possible scrutiny by others. BreatheWhen you're nervous, your heart rate and breathing accelerate. This is so pervasive that experts have coined it as Zoom Performance Anxiety. 11. But with some effort, you can overcome your fear and become a confident public speaker. A person suffering from this phobia is afraid to engage in many activities. Is thought to affect as many as three out of every four people. Based on the phobophobia statistics, this phobia is sometimes linked to other anxiety disorders. About 12.5% of the US adult population experienced a specific phobia at some point. Everyone is afraid of something. Skip to main content. Flying in Airplanes 7% 8. As seen in the video below, a man goes through his own trials and tribulations, attending local classes to help him overcome his fear. A study found that those who visualized themselves giving an effective speech reported feeling less anxiety overall. Fear of public speaking has 10% impairment on your wages & 15% impairment on your promotion. (Better Definition.) Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However, they know theyll go through it, even though speaking in front of a crowded room is not something they enjoy doing. In one survey, 24% of college graduates expressed a fear of public speaking, while 52% of respondents with a high school diploma or less also felt the fear. According to Gallup data on glossophobia, 24% of those who graduated college said they fear public speaking. Exposure therapies are seen as most effective treatment method for the fear of public speaking. Agoraphobia involves different types of fears. According to the psychological facts about fear, some extreme fears are legitimate psychiatric conditions. *. ACT helps people develop "psychological flexibility." This is the ability to thrive despite the unpleasant experiences we inevitably encounter as we move through life. How many people suffer from it? Anxiety is a very prevalent mental health condition. Did you know 77% of the population has some level of fear of public speaking? GLOSSOPHOBIA a.k.a. This may lead to depression and seriously impact ones personal and professional life. 21. CreditDonkey is not a substitute for, and should not be used as, professional legal, credit or financial advice. Three out of four individuals worldwide fear speaking in public. That group experiences no fear and get a huge buzz being in front of a large crowd. Glossophobia, or a fear of public speaking, is a very common phobia and one that is believed to affect up to 75% of the population. Statistics on phobias show that glossophobia affects about 73% of the US population. The specific phobias break into 5 categories. Up to 5 percent of the world population, hundreds of millions aged between 18 and 54, experience this kind of social phobia in any given year. Although adults with phobias may realize that these fears are irrational, even thinking about facing the feared object or situation brings on severe anxiety symptoms. To some extent, everyone is afraid to die. People who suffer from it have an irrational fear of spiders. People who suffer from anxiety disorders, including glossophobia, can experience a decline in their physical and mental health if the problem isnt treated. Define glossophobia. Exposure to the feared situation causes anxiety and may lead to a panic attack, The fear is recognized to be irrational and excessive.
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