About Us

SME Accelerated Growth Consulting Private Limited is a company incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 with an objective of helping Small and Medium Enterprises to grow its business faster and in more organic manner.

It is observed that SME business units have quality products or services.

However, when it comes to growing every business organization needs synchronized growth in following business functions

Planning and Management






Human Resource

However, it becomes difficult for SME owner to acquire knowledge, apply the skills in all above areas simultaneously due to time and cost constraints. Therefore, we have decided to step in as aggregators wherein we shall provide services to the SME owners that could save their time as well as cost so that growth can be faster. The services offered by SME Accelerated Growth Consulting Private Limited are 

Creating awareness about systematic functional growth through training and education

Consulting and Coaching on 1-2-1 basis

Support Services to help grow faster

Handholding services to grow faster

Vision of the Company

“To help SME business units grow organically and increase it's share in the economic growth of country.”

Mission of the Company

“To help 1000+ SME business owners in next 10 years to grow their business faster.”