7 Secrets of Happy Balance Sheet

Under this section, we aim to make SME owners aware about business management and understanding their business with the language of business i.e. finance and accounting. It is observed that majority of SME business units fail due to lack of financial management. We therefore, through our training series and blogs make sure that SME owners are aware about fundamental principles of financial management.

Accounting Clinic Education

Under this section, we aim to introduce key concepts in accounting and finance that owners must understand. The aim is to understand the technical concepts of accounting and finance so that SME owners can understand their financial reports and statements better for decision making.

Growth Services

As explained business services are grouped under

Planning and Management






Human Resource

With these functions in mind, our company has planned our growth services as under for above functions

Status Audit

Under this service, SME owner can find out the status of business function or entire business as a whole. This is a problem identification stage and after identifying the pain points in the business the solution can be derived from it.

Clinic Services

Under this service, SME owners can discuss and receive coaching and guidance with respect to his business functions from domain experts. The problems from time to time shall be clinically examined and solutions shall be offered which need to be implemented by the SME owner on his own.

Support Servicesr

Under this section, Support Services are partial outsourcing of important functions of the business. The staff of SME unit shall get ongoing support from the trained staff and domain experts of the company to grow its business faster.

Outsourcing / Handholding Services

Under this section, the business functions shall be completely outsourced wherein owner finds that he needs to focus completely on his area of expertise out of above functions so he may outsource other functions to us and accelerate growth of his business.