CA. Swapnil Ghate

SME Growth Consultant

  • Qualified Chartered Accountant and working with SMEs as consultant for last 18+ years.
  • He has developed entire concept of SME Accelerated Growth Consulting.
  • He is prolific speaker and developed a training awareness series for SME business owners titled – “7 Secrets of Happy Balance Sheet” that will be available here.
  • He has also developed unique concept called “Accounting Clinic” wherein SME business units can understand their business with numbers with specific issues of their business.
  • He served as Chairman of Nagpur Branch of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the year 2016-2017.
Neeraj Chaporkar


  • Appeared CA. (Final) Exams recently
  • Worked as Management Executive in the corporates for 10 years.
  • Expert in Accounting, Taxation and Supply Chain Management.
  • Special skill: worked with SMEs for last 5 years.
Hemant Dalal


  • Appeared CA (Final) exams recently
  • Worked with SMEs as expert in accounting, taxation for last 10 years
Mayura Rahane


  • Qualified B.Tech. Engineer
  • Worked with Auto Industry for 5 years in Service Departments
  • Worked for last 10 years in SME Consulting sector
  • Joined SME Accelerated Growth Accelerated Pvt Ltd as Director (Business Development)
  • Balance Sheets are like movie actors, if figures are not appropriate - nobody looks at it.

    - CA. Swapnil Ghate